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Sierra Leone


Sierra Leoneans
living in
Berlin & Brandenburg

The association, Sierra Leone Community Berlin Brandenburg e.V. (SLCBB) was founded in 1991 to establish and develop the relationship between the cultures of Sierra Leone and Germany and thereby creating a union for Sierra Leoneans living in Berlin and Brandenburg. To date the Sierra Leone community in Berlin and Brandenburg comprises of approximately 800 members.

Descendants of Sierra Leone enjoy bringing their culture closer to the German public, by conducting activities, such as discussions, symposia, development ventures, Arts exhibitions, and other Socio-cultural events, that incorporate historical elements of both the Sierra Leonean and German culture.

To maintain and further nourish the relationship between these cultures, there is a strong requirement in investing time and effort in the educational work with children, the youths, and young adults.

To ensure the successful implementation of strengthening the cross-cultural interactions between these two cultures and offer educational programmes, the need to acquire a space in form of a property is a necessity.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To abolish differences among individual members, develop a spirit of common interest and sacrifice and also to participate collectively in community programs.
  • To promote unity, hard work and self confidence.
  • To empower our youths to be creative and to prepare them to take over the future reins of power.
  • To help fellow Sierra Leonean who are new to the country, sensitizing them about the laws of the country and accompaning them to authorities to
  • process their residential papers and get them settled.
  • To help old and new members integrate into the society they are living.
  • To promote the Sierra Leone culture and traditions to our children who are born in Germany, therby sensitizing them of their roots
  • To help old people who are living alone and donot have families here in Germany, with shopping, domestic chores and accompaning
  • them to doctors when the need arises.

Educational Programs

  1. Helping fellow Sierra Leoneans who cannot afford to pay fees in language schools, by teaching them the basic grammar of the German language so as to enrich their vocabulary and thereby making them self-reliant.

  2. Organizing competitions, like writing short stories, poems and songs so as to develop the creative potentials of members.

  3. Encouraging our children to take on works of Arts like paintings, carvings and cooking traditional Sierra Leone food stuffs

Recreational Activities

  • Celebrating Christmas together

  • Celebrating Ramadan together

  • Participating in the annual carnival of cultures organized in Berlin

  • Organizing Outings at Easter

  • Organizing Funerals

Sport Activities

  • Reaching out to other African communities and organing competitions in various sports like:

    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Athletics

Integration & Society

  • Reaching out to german communities to better understand them and to forster a spirit of unity and solidarity as part of integration

  • Giving back something to the German society, by organising voluntary activities, helping out in old peoples homes and hospitals when the need arises

Activities & Events

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Actual Projects

SLCBB Community Center @ Berlin

To ensure the successful implementation of strengthening the cross-cultural interactions between these two cultures and offer educational programmes, the need to acquire a space in form of a property is a necessity.
The SLCBB e.V. is therefore seeking to acquire a 50 square meter property to achieve our goals, to bring these visions to life.

This centre will not only serve as a hub to achieve networking of members of the Sierra Leone community of Berlin and Brandenburg, Germans and friends, but also a space for hosting regular events, such as sports competitions, cultural shows, symposia and many more.
This centre will be a safe place where e.g Africans from the Ukraine without Ukrainian citizenship, refugees and Africans without a fix residency can find refuge and aid in integration. It shall be a place that cuts across cultures, where children will be taught and mentored irrespective of their race or cultural backgrounds. This place will also aid seniors to combat loneliness and promote wellbeing. Cultural cohesion will be marked by events to promote and celebrate the beauty in diversity. It will be a daily gathering point where African cuisine will be offered at its finest. The association envisions this centre to possess the “sine qua non“, to forster cohesion among Africans and the world in Berlin Brandenburg.

To achieve the above, we need to raise €30,000 which will provide the space (50 Square meters), furniture and essential amenities. To date, association has raised €5000.

There is a dire need to raise €25,000. We are therefore reaching out for your generous contributions.
100% of donations will be spent on acquiring the centre. There will be no personnel costs.
Thank you and we look forward to your generous contributions for the sole purpose of acquiring a centre for a just cause.

Support us

Thank you!


The association,

Sierra Leone Community
Berlin Brandenburg e.V. (SLCBB)

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